Mirtu Gebeta contestant who came from Jimma

Corporate culinary competitions are a fantastic way to spark some enthusiasm and good times at work. Your team will have a great time bonding over delicious cuisine and healthy doses of friendly competition that they can use at work. If your team is having trouble with unsolved problems, low production, or employees who don’t communicate, it could be time for a team-building activity. Especially if you’re building a team with new personnel or after a merger, it’s critical to create trust and communication early on. When looking for the greatest team-building exercises for your employees, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. Although fun and physically taxing, ropes courses and sports like golf don’t provide much in the way of fresh team-building strategies. Additionally, less physically fit workers could find these team-building activities unpleasant. You must ask yourself what team-building skills will translate to your workplace or manufacturing floor. You can quickly identify the best traits in your team members by challenging them in a cooking competition. Regardless of whether they have a penchant for making presentations or have the ability to maintain their composure under pressure, every employee will play a key role in the process.

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