Many people believed I wouldn’t be able to have children

Strong women are people who have been through life’s ups and downs while keeping a positive outlook. They are tough, responsible, and strong, with a limitless capacity for love. She always behaves in the following ways, so if you’re fortunate enough to be in a relationship with one, you’d best be prepared: Whatever the length of your relationship, a strong woman will always be upfront with you. She doesn’t ask you to do one thing while expecting you to do another, and she is direct. No. She engages you in honest conversation. There are no mind games with her regarding anything, big or small. She has had enough of wasting time because she knows exactly what she wants. Even though doing so can result in problems, a strong woman isn’t afraid to establish limits and defend them. She is prepared to manage any potential issue, in fact. She simply won’t put up with your using her as a pawn, undercutting her, or treating her like a doormat. She will make sure that happens since she has expectations for how you should treat her. If not, you can bet that she will dismiss you without a second thought. A strong woman stays true to herself when dating. She doesn’t try to hide how she feels or worry that she might be “too much” since she recognizes that she is being authentic and values authenticity. When you’re with her, you’ll never have to be concerned about coming across as helpless, naive, or crazy. She wants you to be you because that is the only way she will be able to see you for who you truly are.

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