Man Electrocuted On The Popular Seifu On EBS TV Show

Investigations have revealed that the expanded structure violates the accepted standard, according to Winsome Callum, director of communications at JPS. Buildings must be at least 10 feet away from power lines, according to Callum. She used the occasion to express her sorrow over Smith’s passing and to warn people about the need to stay away from power lines.

“It appears that the PriceSmart maintenance worker was electrocuted after getting too close to the line while performing tasks on the building’s roof. PriceSmart contacted JPS after the incident and asked for the power line to be moved. The business will use all reasonable efforts to complete this as soon as possible. The tragic death of Mr. Smith is very regrettable. It serves as a reminder for both the general public and construction workers to keep buildings away from power lines “said Callum. PriceSmart stated on Wednesday that the matter was “under full investigation to fully understand the circumstances of this unfortunate incident” in response to inquiries from the Jamaica Observer.

Price Smart claims that on March 13 at around 7:50 am, a worker for a contractor Price Smart employed was hurt while performing roof maintenance. “Every PriceSmart club places a high priority on safety, and all staff members receive regular training and updates on safety equipment policies and procedures; as a result, emergency personnel were contacted right away in accordance with the safety protocol. Sadly, the contractor passed away on March 17 despite all the efforts made. In order to adequately provide for the contractor’s family, PriceSmart will make an effort to communicate with all pertinent government agencies, the contractor’s employer, and the insurance provider. We send our deepest sympathies to his family. said Price Smart.

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