Make Up Artist Melat Nebiyu Shared Her Experiance About Skin Care

You want to begin an appropriate skincare regimen, but you have some concerns: How many different skincare products must you use? Which are best for your skin type? Which products should you use first while applying them? And what exactly do the items do? To help you decide where to start and what to consider as you develop the ideal regimen for your skin, we spoke with leading dermatologists.

What does “treatment” entail? You undoubtedly already know that cleansing entails washing your face and moisturizing entails nourishing your skin. Targeting problem areas is the aim of every excellent skincare regimen, in addition to maintaining a flawless face.

Accordingly, depending on your skin type and the outcomes you wish to achieve, treating entails incorporating serums or creams packed full of healthy skincare ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and others, says Dr. Magovern. It’s crucial to include a step in the midway between cleansing and moisturizing, according to Dr. Magovern. It can have a significant impact on your skin’s health, look, and aging over time. Waiting is a virtue, and the same is true of skincare regimens. Expecting results right away is unrealistic because even the best skincare products need time to work. You might anticipate some results if you maintain a steady, daily habit within six to twelve weeks, though it sometimes takes longer.

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