Make him remember you throughout the day

Do you think your man is thinking about you right now? We would all like to answer that question with a loud “yes!” On even the busiest of days, there are a few simple ways to encourage your guy’s wandering thoughts to always come back to you. He may honestly and deeply care about you if he is thinking about you all the time. Or he might simply be obsessively drawn to you. With a few carefully placed innuendos in the morning and a few well-placed reminders during the day, he won’t be able to focus on anything other than you. Walk as far as you can in your underwear while getting ready for work, “accidentally” brushing up against his body. Spend a few peaceful moments leaning in seductively. Then he won’t know what to do with himself. Before he begins work, give him a heartfelt good morning kiss. He’ll be preoccupied with it all day and may even consider skipping work. He’ll need a respirator to breathe after a five-minute taunting kiss. Call him or buzz him using modern technology to just say, “Mmm…”. As long as you aren’t using his phone entirely, a quick, flirtatious text or call from you to remind him of your desire will be a pleasant surprise. Write a love letter by hand to express your feelings. It doesn’t have to last very long. In fact, a tiny colored slip of paper slipped inside his pocket will serve as an enticing reminder of you when he later reaches there for something else.

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