Madingo Afework, a late-generation singer, performing at home

For his folk music, he was highly renowned. He and other performers went to the TPLF front lines to amuse the soldiers of the Ethiopian Defense Force. Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister of Ethiopia, expressed his sympathies in a tweet on his social media platform. “I am saddened by the demise of artist Madingo Afework.

This artist has made important contributions to his nation during his brief life. He overcame his disability and went to the front lines of war to inspire the army when the nation was attacked. He has motivated recent recruits. May his soul rest in peace, his PM wrote. He also made incoming recruits in military boot camps laugh.

Mandigo was born in Gonder and raised there. He started playing music at a young age in a military barracks adjacent to the districts of Gondar where he was raised, according to the ENA report. At the age of ten, he traveled to Addis Abeba to join the “Zema Lastas” Music Band.

His fans consider his well-known songs, such as “Wusejiat,” “Tizta,” “Aman New Woy Goraw,” and “Siyame Atahulat,” to be classics.

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