Liya And Ashruka Chatting About Becoming Social Media Influencer

People who use social media platforms to develop their own personal brands or persuade their followers to do certain actions are known as social media influencers (including buying products, supporting a brand, or vacationing in a certain location). They can share anything with their fans, including homemade slime and clothing and cosmetics. Even while it may seem like frivolous fun, some influencers are actually the modern entrepreneurs because of how much money they are able to make from their relationship with their followers. Even though not all social media influencers are business owners, those who have built their own companies from the brands they developed online share many characteristics with traditional entrepreneurs when it comes to generating economic growth.

People who plan, manage, and assume risks are called entrepreneurs. They frequently launch a new company in response to an apparent demand for a product or service. On the other hand, an influencer is someone who has the ability to use social media to influence or modify others and their behavior—often in order to persuade them to make a purchase. Influencers who launch their own companies unquestionably fit the description of an entrepreneur in the first sense because they are running their companies and taking risks. But do they actually serve a need? Yes, according to many, businesses may target extremely niche groups of people through the use of influencers—groups that conventional advertising may overlook.Additionally, because influencers develop a more personal bond with their followers, those followers appear to be more inclined to accept the influencer’s advice.

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