Life story of Selam Tesfaye

On October 17, 1992, Selam Tesfaye, an actress, was born in Ethiopia. She routinely received offers to feature in leading roles in various films. In Ethiopian cinema, she is well-known and has won numerous honors, including Gumma Awards. In Miguel Llansó’s Crumbs, widely regarded as the first science fiction movie produced in Ethiopia, she played the main character. Selam Tesfaye was born in the “Tolay” military camp in Harar, Ethiopia. She moved to Humera when she was in the fourth grade and stayed there until she was eleven. She couldn’t speak Amharic when she initially arrived in Addis Abeba. She nevertheless had the guts to decide to become a film actor and pick up a second language. Her “favorite artistic endeavor” over other kinds of expression is performing in movies, she has frequently said. Selam gained notoriety in 2013 as a result of his work in the acclaimed action drama Sost Maezen (English: Triangle). She has also acted in several Ethiopian films, most notably Hiwot Bedereja (2014), in which she plays the major role of a student who is going through a difficult time. She additionally appeared in the romantic drama film Lik Negn (2013). And in the 2015 science fiction film Crumbs, Selam played Sayat. The first science fiction film produced in Ethiopia has received a lot of favorable reviews. Following her breakout roles in Seba Zetegn (2016) and Yimeches Yarada Lij 2, she rose to fame for her performances in a number of romantic drama films, including Seba Zetegn (2016) and Yimeches Yarada Lij 2. (2017).

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