Life Coach Dagy answered questions raised by her audiences

Dagi, a well-known life coach, responds to a query from the audience. Dagi will answer 100 questions.
A great self-help book is The Power of Now. Even after 20 years since the publication of its first edition, it continues to sell millions of copies and routinely shows up on lists of important self-help books.
We’re going over the book’s main ideas and how you may use The Power of Now in your own life.
The Power of Now, a book by Eckhart Tolle published in 1997, examines spirituality, thought, and present.

The book describes how thinking can cause unneeded suffering and how you might lessen it in your life by staying in the moment. A well-known author of spirituality books is Eckhart Tolle. He was originally from Germany, but moved around a little before authoring The Power of Now, living in Spain and England before settling in Canada. Your mind is not you.

The untrained mind is a major impediment to awakening and inner tranquility. It’s more crucial to experience inner serenity than it is to comprehend it. After you are liberated from the mind, you may view and hear the mind from a distance. It is simpler to understand how your thinking affects your life when there is this divide.

The brain needs to rest. Constant brain activity frequently leads to negative ideas or unneeded overthinking. Making space for love and peace by letting go of judgment toward your partner and those around you is a crucial component of enlightened partnerships. A demanding false self, the ego is. To enjoy the moment, one must be rid of the ego.

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