Legendary Singers Kuku Sebsibe And Netsanet Melese’s Amazing Moment

Take me back to the past. An enjoyable visit with renowned artists Kuku Sebsebe and Nesanet Melese. Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is home to Kuku Sebsibe. She graduated from American Mission after completing the majority of her education at Nazareth School. Her love of music began to grow at a very young age.

She began performing for her classmates at the age of nine by imitating all the well-known musicians in both Amharic and English music while using her lunch box as a drum. Her father Dejazmach Sebsibe Shiberu’s jam sessions at their house and his musical, cultural background fed her passion and love for music.

Sebsibe sent her father’s possessions and collections of other verses to Muluken Melesse, her favourite singer, when she was 15 years old. At her graduation party at the Hilton Hotel, she gave her first stage performance. Her peers, used to her carol-giving, prodded her onto the platform and paved the route for her music career. She was hired by Wallias’ band and Ibex as a result of this musical performance. She briefly sang with the Ibex band at the Ras hotel before becoming the first female vocalist to perform at the Hilton hotel, where the Wallias band performed five days a week.

Many of Netsanet Melese’s admirers think that her vocal style and distinctive use of language are appealing. One of such vocalists with a distinctive voice and pleasant grooves is Netsanet. Netsanet, a celebrity known for her song Yilal Dodgeua, has spent the last 30 years entertaining the audience and claims that music is still the best way to communicate her emotions. Netsanet Melese: My approach to making music has always been unique. I aim to create music that, in addition to being enjoyable, also educates listeners in some way. Although I don’t write my own songs, I occasionally offer commentary when I receive lyrics.

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