Legendary Singer Seyoum Tilahun Is Struggling With Illness

Tadias Addis interviews veteran vocalist Seyoum Tilahun. Seyoum Tilahun, a veteran vocalist, is battling illness. Art is the creative expression of thoughts and feelings. Art is as old as humanity itself. Archaeological evidence suggests that humans invented art prior to oral communication. Ethiopia has a long and fascinating art history, which is not surprising given that it is considered the birthplace of the human species.

Ethiopian art, like its culture, has survived largely due to the country’s independence. Religion has also had an impact on the development of Ethiopian art. Much of the country’s medieval art and architecture was centered on religious institutions. The country has produced some of the world’s most well-known and talented artists.

Ethiopian art is a topic worth investigating, and we will do so in this article. Ethiopian art can be traced back to prehistoric times. Early humans who inhabited the area left their imprints in caves.

This can be seen in the Laga-Oda, Porc-Epic, and Goda-Ajawa caves, which are located a few kilometers outside of Dire Dawa. These sites were a goldmine for archaeologists. Aside from the prehistoric artwork, stone-age tools and bone artifacts have been discovered.

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