Legendary Singer Chachi Taddesse’s Daughter Graduation Ceremony

We’ve been to kindergarten pick-ups, plays at the school, football games, choir concerts, debate team competitions, and all the friend drama that goes along with it. We have been their teachers over the previous few years when they were unable to learn in person. We have signed permission forms, paid penalties for lost library books, checked them out for orthodontic appointments, checked their grades from our home computers, planned class schedules, and more. We took every possible step to support the teachers in our community, including bringing team refreshments, organising carpools, standing by the bus stop, and packing lunches.

I just want you to know that everything will be okay, and who knows, they might even be wonderful! Some of you won’t believe me, but the majority of the aspects of my daughter’s school years that I thought I would miss aren’t truly missed. Without a doubt, I enjoyed it during the seasons we were in, but I must confess that it’s nice to have evenings free to spend with my husband doing anything we like. I can now spend the time I used to spend helping out at the school volunteering on other interests or lending a hand to other local charitable organisations. I have no idea who any of the instructors for my children are, to say nothing of checking their grades.

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