Legendary Singer Aster Aweke’s New Album To Be Released Soon

Aster Aweke is a well-known singer, songwriter, and performer from Ethiopia. She is regarded as Ethiopia’s pop music diva. Millions of Ethiopians admire her music, and she is one of the most well-known and identifiable figures in the nation. She has so far put out 23 albums. In Gonder, Debere Tabor, Aster was born in 1961 G.C.

Growing up, she and her father—a high official in the imperial government—moved to Addis Abeba.
She grew up in Addis Abeba. At a young age, Aster, you fall in love with music. She grew up listening to artists like Donna Summer and Arita Franklin from abroad as well as Ethiopia’s Tilahun Gesses and Bezunesh Bekele.

She made the decision to join Addis Ababa’s Hager Fiker Theater when she was just thirteen years old. She sang Bezunesh Bekele’s song for her audition and was accepted into the theater as a dancer and singer. She performed in clubs in Addis Abeba in her late teens with renowned bands including Shebele Band, Roha Band, Ibex Band, and Hotel D’Afrique Band.

She used to perform music by Muluken Melese, Bezunesh Bekele, and Tilahun Gesses. The late singer Bezunesh Bekele had a big impact on her style. Aster also performed Donna Summer and Arita Franklin songs early in her musical careers. Aster acknowledges that as a young girl, she did not anticipate making music her career and claims she only performed for enjoyment because she was aware that society did not place a high value on vocalists at the time.

Aster instead intended to continue her study. Her choice to join Hager Fiker Theater was met with strong opposition from her family as well. They chose to send her to the United States in 1981 so she could concentrate on her education and put music aside. Her relocation takes place just as her most important record, Munaye, is released.

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