Legendary Radio Show Hosts Meetup After 28 Years

After 28 years, a special interview with Baikedagn, Gezo, and Zermechit was conducted. Colourful cinematic advertisements are now frequently seen in Addis Abeba on utility poles, in restaurants, and in taxis. In the city, there is yet another spot that is becoming more and more well-liked.

Dedicated moviegoers wait in line to see locally made movies. Both occurrences amply illustrate the size and growth of Ethiopia’s developing film industry. 107 movies were produced in just the previous fiscal year. Millions of birr have been made at the box office by some of the most well-liked movies in the business. However, there are other lucrative industries in entertainment besides filmmaking. A lucrative venture is starting a movie theatre.

In fact, a growing number of theatres are opening even outside the city limits. Africa Cinema is one of these theatres, and it’s situated near Corfe Carao. Four years ago, the theatre was still referred to as Sina Cinema. However, the theater’s owner, Bazen Entertainment PLC, has been forced to grow due to the area’s rising moviegoer population. As a result, the Cinema Hall was reborn in January 2015 with a new name and 300 additional seats.

The facility’s expansion cost the owners about 1.5 million ETB, according to Africa Cinema Manager Kidus Andualem. He explains that it makes good business sense to renovate a movie theatre outside of town. Cities are growing quickly, and more and more families are relocating outside of the urban core, he claims. “This is requiring a variety of service providers, including movie theatres, to look to these places with untapped potential.”

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