Legendary Musician Efrem Tamiru And His Daughter Wedding Dance

Famous Muscian Efrem Tamiru got caught dancing with his daughter at wedding reception ceremony. This note is necessary because many people are familiar with the fundamentals of banking, but only a small percentage of them are aware that there are no loan conditions, that the bank gives them cash, that there is no service charge on the loan, that it is possible to engage in industries that are only used for service and not for production (such as opening a shop, hair salon, or ride-hailing service), and that simply signing up for training results in a loan that cannot be paid back.

who are currently engaged in the producing industry, and such notions continue to be widespread.
due to their presence. The reasons why the following items are addressed separately are not because they are the only ones, but rather that everyone should fully comprehend them in light of the bank’s specific criteria.

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