Legendary Musician And Talk Show Host Jossy Gebre Got Confused With Identical Twins

Many twins enjoy sharing things; they may dress alike, reside in the same apartment, or even have similar dating preferences. However, despite how much the siblings resemble one another, their names have never been the same—until now. A mother named her newborn twins very much the same. She calls both of her boys Sean, however even though they both have the same pronunciation, one of their names is spelled “Sean” and the other “Seen.”

The woman’s last name is Sean, which makes things even stranger. The incident was brought up on Reddit when one of her coworkers questioned whether she was a jerk for calling the new mother’s name choice “idiotic.” She added that after a protracted struggle with infertility, the mom went back to work after giving birth to the twin sons.

The coworker found out about the strange naming choice when the mother said she was naming them both “Sean.” The coworker then questioned what she had in mind for the other child. That is the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard, and it’s going to be so complicated, she responded without thinking.

In actuality, the Reddit thread received so much attention that the new mother’s husband eventually came across it. He and his wife accepted it nicely, even cracking a chuckle before concurring with several of the responses. The “overwhelming process of having two newborns left them too exhausted to think properly,” they claimed. Fortunately, they were able to remove the names from the documentation, and they intend to reevaluate. But since they like Sean Sean quite a bit, they will only change one name.

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