Legendary Artist Mahider Assefa Missed Tariku Baba’sFuneral Ceremony

There are a variety of reasons why you can wind yourself missing a loved one’s funeral. Perhaps you weren’t informed in time to make plans, or you were simply too far away to arrive in time. Or perhaps you had plans to attend but things fell through, like a flight delay.

Regardless of how it occurred, missing a loved one’s funeral might leave you feeling guilty and as like you failed your loved one long after they passed away. This is a normal way to feel, but it’s crucial to remember that you didn’t fail your loved one; rather, it’s just a method for you to express your grief.

The people in your group may need to have some painful conversations with one another, but you don’t need to wallow in your shame or beat yourself up for missing out. Even if a funeral is done in the deceased person’s honor, it is ultimately for their family and friends, not for them. Its goal is to help us say goodbye and give us peace of mind knowing that we did so properly and with dignity, which will help the healing process get started. But you can accomplish these things without being at a funeral. The typical way to pay your respects is through a public ceremony, but there are other ways that can be distinctive and significant to you and the relationship you had with your loved one.

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