Legendary Comedian Reunites With His Family

Comedian Kebebew Geda stunned his friends and coworkers when he finally met his family after nine years. The Center’s construction and the owners’ conscious use of natural materials were done so in order to produce art that is environmentally sustainable overall, according to the proprietors. The Center’s original intent was to act as Elias’ studio for creating art, typically with a message about environmental preservation. Meskerem and Elias share a passion for environmental conservation initiatives in addition to their shared love of art.

Meskerem stated that one of the ways they convey their feelings for the environment is through the art centre itself. “We almost exclusively use raw nature to create art,” she claims. Although building on the facility started in 2002, the owners believe there is still more to be done. Elias, a graduate of the Ale School of Fine Arts and Design at Addis Ababa University (AAU), says, “I never feel like I have done it. Elias has been visiting numerous rural Ethiopian villages with Meskerem since 2001 to research rituals that are centuries old yet are still used today. Since then, the research’s findings have had an impact on the majority of his works of art. The Centre is not entirely accessible to the public despite its well-known status and intriguing artefacts. It has only recently begun interacting with the public by holding events and small seminars.

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