Latest Update On The Current Status Of Actress Qalkidan Tibebu

There are currently five 40/60 condominium sites being built, with average completion rates for Bole Ayat 2, Bole Ayat 4, Tourist, Imperial, and Meri Loke sites ranging from 42.5 to 73.61 percent.

Thousands of customers are anticipated to use the service once construction is complete. In this construction, the counter and other necessary work are being built, along with 10.52 km of the middle line and 4.58 km of the low line. The centre line is already constructed. At least 60 of the transformers that were planned to be installed at the Bole Ayat 2, Imperial, Meri Loke, Bole Ayat 4, and Tourist locations are also now there. Since the start of construction, electricity has been accessible within 12 and 27 blocks, respectively, of the Meri Loke and Bole Ayat sites.The Bole Ayat 2, Tourism, and Meri Loke sites will be completed by March 30, 2015.The remaining Meri Loke and Bole Ayat 4 construction sites are expected to be finished by April 30 and May 30, respectively.

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