Late Singer Madingo Afeworq’s First Daughter Graduation Ceremony

With honours, Debora Madingo earned her degree. Women who study music in Ethiopia have a lower likelihood of becoming professional musicians. Women have been enrolling in the Yared School of Music at Addis Abeba University since 1970, and they currently make up roughly 30% of its graduates. There are now more girls attending the school than ever before. Sometimes, more women than males graduate from college. For instance, just 5 men graduated in 2001/02 compared to 17 women. With the exception of a few string orchestras, it’s uncommon to see women performing in public with instruments. I

Only four women have played music in Addis Ababa’s three theatres over the past ten years. A study was conducted by Yordanos Zena, a professor at the Yared School of Music did a study that shows there are not many women who play instruments professionally. Out of 50 female graduates, 44 percent decided to teach music, 28 percent went on stage, and 4 percent followed other careers. A quarter of the group were unemployed. Take all of our wiring, for instance. To shield the birds from electric current, everything is buried. as well as our drainage system. Instead of just one, we have two storage tanks and two septic tanks.

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