Keepin Your Eyes Safe And Sound From The sun

We are all eager to enjoy the sun as much as possible now that summer has arrived. The staff at Smart Eye Care, however, wants to kindly remind you that it’s crucial to safeguard your eyes from the damaging effects of excessive sun exposure. A team of eye care specialists can assist you in developing strategies to defend your eyes, your vision, and your future health. From our conveniently located offices in Brooklyn, New York City, we provide preventative eye care services to both new and existing patients.

We want you to understand how crucial it is to shield your eyes from damaging sun exposure this summer. The ultraviolet, or UV, energy that the sun emits is what causes the light and heat that it produces.

UVA and UVB categories of UV radiation can be further divided. You might come into contact with UV radiation from sources besides the sun. This type of potentially dangerous radiation is also emitted by tanning beds and other UV spectrum lights, which can have an effect on your general health and wellbeing. Your skin’s surface can become burned by UV rays, causing what is known as a sunburn.

Your eyes can be harmed by UV radiation in a number of different ways. You may be more susceptible to certain conditions if your eyes are overexposed to UV radiation, but you don’t have to stay inside all day to protect your eyes from this danger. Using the appropriate sunglasses and eyewear, together with You can prevent unwanted impacts on your eyes as well as alterations to your consciousness.

When you’re outside, use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to protect yourself against burns and skin cancer, according to the Smart Eye Care team. The area around your face and eyes might benefit from oil-free and other special formulas for sensitive skin. Contact Smart Eye Care right now for individualized guidance on shielding your eyes from UV rays and a wide selection of vision accessories, including prescription sunglasses. We also provide video conferencing, and our New York City, New York offices are open with social distance safeguards on a sporadic basis.

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