Kana TV Voice Actress Shared Her Life Journey

Interview with the voice actress Dar Eskedar Reestu who played Efsun. Recently, some people have begun renting traditional attire for significant occasions like weddings. Nearly 120 businesses that rent out traditional clothing are located in a bustling area of Shiro Meda called Megazen. Everyone benefits from this new approach, which is beneficial to many. Many people believe that having expensive clothing is not worthwhile because they rarely wear it. People would prefer to rent formal clothes and put them on when needed because they are so expensive today.

Prices for traditional clothing in Shiro Meda range from 500 Birr to 5,000 Birr. The more elegant dresses are more expensive, yet the outer edges of the market. The fabric known as “Menen” is excellent for creating traditional clothing. For the creation of traditional attire, they employ a variety of fabrics, including Saba (Silk), Calos, and Qumtare. These materials can be used to create clothing with a variety of styles and characteristics. However, due to their extreme fragility, they are all quickly broken. In some cases, washing clothing with a distinctively coloured edge known as “Tibeb” can cause the colour to fade and destroy the entire item. Some people are choosing not to purchase traditional clothing since it has risen in price.

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