I’ve experienced numerous difficulties with my kid

I didn’t attend school, said the adolescent. I’ve experienced a lot of difficulties with my kid. After some time, he decided to come back to Addis Ababa to start his own business, specializing in printing, advertising, and seedlings. Soon after his return, he put the concept into action with the aid of two pals and a meager budget for the essential supplies.

He was motivated to turn what he does into a business potential by the thought of sowing seeds alongside roadways. According to Endale, this entailed combining advertising with seedlings. He established Warka Landscape and Plant Shop, which offers landscaping and lawn care services, as well as ARMA Printing Advertising, a business that offers a range of digital printing services.

Endale and his colleagues were able to provide different seeds to governmental and non-governmental organizations thanks to the government’s concentration on the green economy and, in particular, seedling planting, whether on purpose or by mistake. Additionally, they create, print, and provide different content on t-shirts and equipment for a variety of public and religious events.

They supported initiatives from the Addis Ababa River, the Green Development Bureau, and the Kirkos, Yeka, and Bole sub-cities, among others. Endale submitted a rigorous project proposal that was appealing and detailed, and he pitched it to several governmental and non-governmental organizations, reminding them to keep green plant saplings in mind. This strategy helped him get the contract.

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