Introducing The Successful Garment Business Tycoon Seid Mohamed

Ato Seid Mohammed, proprietor of Ambassador Garments on Maraki Weg, is a well-known merchant from Ethiopia. who established and is in charge of Ambassador Business Group. Adi Awro is where Seid was born in Tigray. He was raised in a place without running water, electricity, or a bed. His father gave his older brother ETB 600 when he was six years old to start a business in the clothing sector. Seid initially became aware of the clothing industry in this way. But after a while, there was fighting in Tigray between the government and insurgents.

The family was compelled to leave their house and travel to Mekelle, the state’s capital. Seid launched a tiny company, and later he moved to Addis Ababa. With just one used sewing machine that he purchased for 1,000 Ethiopian birrs in the Mercato market, he started a garment business known as Ambassador Garment. He began his business by working for himself, and it has grown to include many people who are well-dressed. He wants the company to be recognised as having a contemporary lifestyle brand.

Ethiopian men who wish to look good can buy classy suits at Ambassador Garment. He initially purchased a tiny machine to repair clothes, but he is now expanding to other business ventures. At the gleaming Ambassador Mall, Seid Mohammed Birhan, the man behind Ambassador Garment, Ambassador Hotel, and Ambassador Real Estate, met with Addisu Deresse from EBR. He discussed his extraordinary and outstanding life as a person and business owner.

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