Interview with Tsion (Sambusa Chick) and Ezako

Tsion (the Sambusa Chick) and Ezako were interviewed. There is more to Africa than safari animals, despite the shallow tendency of Western media to just focus on the continent’s wild animals. Everyone wants to write about seeing the thunderous migration of wildebeest or sighting a cheetah in the wild.

The number of travel articles, blog entries, and television programs that cover a significant African city in the same manner as a major European metropolis is much lower. In the roughly a dozen African nations he visited while working for CNN and Travel Channel, including Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, and Senegal, Bourdain produced programs.

Most visitors were more interested in the local people and their music, food, art, and history than they were in seeing elephants, lions, giraffes, or rhinos.

Being receptive to them is necessary for great experiences: It’s far too simple to become mired in snobbery while traveling, whether it be regarding cuisine or anything else. According to Bourdain’s father, the venue and company at a dinner are equally as essential as the cuisine itself, as stated in an essay he wrote for Bon Appetit.

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