Interview With The Owner And Founder Of Swiss Diagnostic International Medical Center

Swiss diagnostic facility for renowned Ethiopian artist Yetnayet Tamru. We haven’t seen all of the aspects of the artist Yetenayet. Swiss Diagnostics Ethiopia (SDE) is a share company that Swiss Diagnostics International (SDI) has partnered with lawfully to provide advanced medical laboratory services in Ethiopia. In order to offer a full spectrum of comprehensive, specialised, and top-notch medical diagnostic and anatomic pathology services, SDE built a cutting-edge lab facility in Addis Abeba. Its objective is to do business in Ethiopia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The organisation that values innovation, science, and empathy. All of our stakeholders are guaranteed responsibility, fairness, and openness thanks to our good ethical and corporate governance practises. Our executive team is among the best in the healthcare sector and has set the standard for the sector.
In order to promote the health of everyone, we are dedicated to providing accurate and helpful results while maintaining anonymity to patients, healthcare professionals, our business partners, and institutional partners.

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