Interview With Popular TV Series Star’s Mother

The truth Bemnet’s mother revealed to her daughter on the occasion of her wedding. Currently, a wide variety of TV channels and Youtube channels are airing Ethiopian dramas and shows. Even though the majority of them are fantastic and can deliver the desired value, some of them are low-quality programmes that might let down the viewers. One of Ethiopia’s most popular and watched television dramas is called Adey. It is a drama that centres on a 17-year-old girl and the lives and journeys of two families who are connected.

Although love is the drama’s main theme, it also emphasises family, friendship, honesty, native wisdom, and vengeance. The drama is currently in season 5. The adey drama pairs inexperienced actors and actresses with young casts. Besintu, a TV sitcom, has recently ranked among Ethiopia’s most watched shows. Popular and seasoned actors and actresses like Alemayehu Tadesse, Meskerem Abera, and Seyoum Teferea are featured in the comedy-drama. Several young, undiscovered actors receive significant roles in the sitcom drama as well.

The family featured in this sitcom has members of various ages. Arts TV has broadcast the popular Ethiopian drama Eregnaye. The drama’s distinctive theme and content attracted sizable audiences.
Eregnaye illustrates a novel form of storytelling by fusing conventional Ethiopian methods with modern modes, departing from the overarching theme of the Ethiopian film industry. With a very intricate plot, the drama depicts the significant but misunderstood Ethiopian culture and wisdom.

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