Interview With Mekedonia Founder Biniyam

Benyam Belete formed the Mekedonia Humanitarian Association, also known as Mekedonia, in January 2010 as an autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental organization in Ethiopia. It is the only independent organization in Ethiopia that provides housing, clothing, food, and counseling to elderly and severely disabled people as well as people with mental illnesses.

Benyam Belete established the Mekedonia Humanitarian Association on January 7, 2010, to aid the elderly and mentally ill. The group provides elderly and disabled persons with home, clothing, food, counseling, and other requirements. MHU pursues this goal by concentrating on the most vulnerable individuals whose disabilities match their top social goals and providing them with support through a variety of ways and strategies.

The organization, which has its main office in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia’s Ayat Condominium, is an Ethiopian Resident Charity governed by the Ethiopian Federal Government Charities and Societies Agency.
The homeless individuals chosen as beneficiaries come from various regions of the nation.

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