Interview With Legendary Muscian Haile Roots

the way of life of renowned Ethiopian musician Haile Roots. On September 25, 1982, Hailemichael Getnet, also known as Haile Roots, was born. He never considered being a musician while he was in elementary or high school. Growing up in Addis Abeba, he dreamed of becoming a well-known football player or painter, but he never imagined himself as a musician.

Haile Roots is able to vividly recall the very moment when he first fell in love with music and vowed to pursue a career as a singer. He attended an event in 1993 when DJ Z was performing reggae music. Haile Roots developed a strong interest in reggae music after that.

He got his start in the music business by collaborating with Abera Mola and Tigist Bekele. Iain Roots became very popular after releasing his album ‘Chiggae’ in Ethiopia in 2011 because he is a great singer and loves music a lot.

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