Interview With Late TV Show Host Alebachew Teka’s Wife

The truth is that no mother is flawless. According to a therapist with more than 20 years of experience, mothers who are battling with their need for perfectionism and wondering how to be a good mother are one of the issues that come up in therapy the most frequently. In order to help women let go of the concept of being a “perfect mother,” I make it my therapeutic mission to show them how to overcome their tendencies towards perfectionism and start accepting their flaws. Being faultless, thorough in every manner, and displaying remarkable qualities are the characteristics of anything being “perfect.”
When we reach “perfection,” we will no longer require growth or advancement.

One of the best things you can give your family is to take care of your health, mind, emotions, and spirit.
So many women are used to putting other responsibilities ahead of their own. Individuals might become so consumed with continually giving that they either get sick, grow resentful, or forget how important it is to look after themselves. Mothers are wonderful at unconditionally loving their kids. Put the perfectionism critic to rest and speak more favourably to yourself, much as you would to a friend or a little child.

During the course of a lifetime, your child will develop a number of relationships. Your bond with your child as a mother is one of, if not the most, important relationships in your life. Understand that being a mother requires a lifetime dedication to supporting the growth of another person by providing care, guidance, love, and nurturing. Your child will rely on you in a variety of ways throughout their entire lives.
In order to take care of, feed, change, and cradle a baby, a mother must be on hand at all times.

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