Interview with Kamuzu Kassa

What happened to our tradition of mourning? Why does someone make a video featuring a corpse? Tadias Addis’s interview with Kamuzu Kassa In Ethiopia, there are certain characteristics that are special to groups within the rural region when a person passes away. These qualities are akin to the conventional symptoms and symptoms of mourning. The common grieving reactions are equal, but there are many different ethnic, religious, and cultural groups in the nation with their own culturally sanctioned traditions. For instance, the celebration of the dead takes a long time in southern Ethiopia, where numerous ethnic groups live side by side. Rituals that have been established by culture are followed when handling the body, planning the funeral, and remembering the deceased. The process of alerting members of one’s immediate family is handled quite sensitively. A carefully curated group of seasoned or respectable network participants spreads the news of the death.
People gather at the deceased person’s home as soon as the dreadful news is revealed to comfort the grieving immediate family. Families are expected to publicly express their sorrow. Typically, people sob loudly, name aloud the deceased person’s name, pound their chests and foreheads, and scream. Female loved ones who are experiencing intense grief may also fling themselves on the ground, tear off their hair, scrape their faces, convulse, or attempt to harm themselves. Men frequently sing songs, give praise, and share memories of the departed. Young men help with setting up rooms, looking for guests after they arrive, digging the burial webpage online, and preparing the casket. A white tent could be set up outside or next to the road to host people if the bereaved family circle no longer has a large residence. The necessary materials, such as chairs, tables, cookware, blankets, etc., are prepared by neighbors. These selfless actions typically serve as a source of pride and are seen as social obligations.

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