Interview With Controversial Actress Selam Tesfaye

Episode 1 Gulicha Podcast with actress Selam Tesfaye. Selam Tesfaye said that the word “divorce” is not nice. The reason why so many marriages end in divorce used to baffle me. Why were so many of my friends in elementary school, high school, and college divorced kids? Then, in the years after college, why were so many of my friends already divorced?

Then I got married. Also, I quickly realized how agonizingly difficult communication between a man and a woman can be, just like any other married person. I sighed at how difficult making decisions was sometimes. I observed that, compared to previous relationships, marriage drew out of me greater amounts of sin.

I was made aware of how arrogant, protective, and sensitive I can be when I feel wronged. Budget, schedule, cleanliness, conflict, and in-laws were all classic (and explosive) marriage land mines that I tripped into. I started to realize how much our families’ histories had influenced (and frequently tested) our new family.

Marriage sharply emphasized our differences whereas dating had pleasantly highlighted our similarities.
At the altar, what had seemed so harmonious, secure, and, well, simple, at times, felt impossible.
In other words, we learned the causes behind the high divorce rate.
While divorce rates have increased recently, at least in America, the desire to renege on our promises is almost as old as marriage itself.

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