Interview With Balageru Idol Third Season Winner

The program had its third season in 2015. It was broadcast on Ethiopian television up until September, when the winners were declared. The 2015 contest’s winner was Dawit Tsige. Abraham Wolde founded Balageru in 1997 as a music label. It is an Ethiopian corporation that engages in production, marketing, advertising, and recording. The company produced outstanding artwork for 20 years, earning accolades and raising the bar for both media communication and art in our nation.

They created a setting where upcoming Ethiopian artists may flourish. Due to the fact that it incorporates so many significant facets of Ethiopian society, history, and culture, this artwork holds a particular place in the hearts of Ethiopians. Additionally, it honors Ethiopia’s many diverse cultures and traditions. The “Balageru Idol” talent competition in Balageru is well known for giving people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their ability.

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