International Singing Competition Prospect Hana Mesfin

Competator Hana has shared with us that the idea of discussing the concept of a “major break.” Because that’s what the winners of these singing competitions are guaranteed: massive publicity and sustained success. But is this concept really all that great? What I believe is that earning a living as a musician or vocalist involves a lot of labor. It calls for daily attendance, practice, and promotion of your name small by little.

Being signed to a major label is significantly less important in the modern music business than leading a DIY artist lifestyle. Although they continue to sign talent, record labels are also releasing them at a startling rate. Moses Avalon, a veteran of the music industry, claims that 99% of musicians signed to major record labels never even get to release their debut albums because they are rejected or shelved.

Only roughly 0.2% of musicians who are signed remain signed and complete their contracts. Thus, avoid placing all of your eggs in one basket (like a singing competition). Even if you earn a record deal after winning The Voice or America’s Got Talent, success is not guaranteed. Working hard is what will enable you to realize your vision of success. Create your own career; don’t let someone person manage it.

Leaving that aside, I’m not advocating against entering a singing competition. You ought to. Just be careful not to build your entire musical career around a singing competition. So what’s the point if your success is up to you and not based on competing in a singing competition? I’m very happy you inquired. Here are four justifications for entering a singing contest.

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