Incredible sights at an Ethiopian wedding

Ethiopian weddings can feature amazing stuff. Ethiopian custom dictates that the husband selects three or four elders to court the prospective bride’s family. The elders then arrange a time to go to the bride’s family and request her hand in marriage on the groom’s behalf. The bride’s family will receive a response from the groom’s family after a specified period of time has passed following the encounter. According to Solomon, the process typically takes a few months to a year. He explained to his AA that urban families’ only function is to provide consent and carry out rituals. Every Ethiopian husband is required to give their bride a dowry.
Traditionally, all dowries in the city center had to be brand-new, and the groom was expected to pay for them, according to Kassahun, 68, who has mediated a number of marriage contracts. said AA to her. “The younger generation makes few financial investments. Only a few items at her store are for rent, and the rest are gifts from her bride and her friends. The tradition is still practiced today, nevertheless. On the eve of the wedding, the groom sends his men to Addis Abeba to deliver a dowry to the bride’s family. The bride’s family and bridesmaids accept the dowry, which frequently consists of jewels, her wedding dress, and numerous articles of clothes and shoes, and they are appreciative of its high quality. Even though the bride isn’t there to deliver the dowry, she can still observe the drama from a distance.
The handover ritual, according to Asamenaw Ali, who frequently distributes the dowry at weddings, is the “most enjoyable” aspect of an urban wedding. She stated, “The best guys hire me when they feel they can’t do their job. It turns into an illusion. Asamenaw and the guys present the dowry parcels, claiming that each item is “the best in the world.” Asamenaw noted that gift recipients sometimes contribute by rejecting individuals they consider to be “lesser.” a vibrant wedding In Ethiopia, a Christian-Muslim wedding is a vibrant event with dancing and music.

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