In my search for my son’s father, I have experienced a lot

Numerous people have found their birth parents with the aid of our search angels (s). The majority of the inquiries we receive are from persons trying to locate their biological father. With this article, we want to help people who want to identify their biological father but don’t know who he is. Here are the methods we use when we don’t know the names of the people we’re looking for. Our team’s statement that “Paternity is continually in dispute” applies to the hunt for birth fathers. When it comes to identifying and learning about a birth father, we frequently do not consider any information or proof provided as 100 percent accurate. A birth mother may have been entirely sober and conscious at the time of conception and may not have engaged in any additional sexual activity. But in most, if not all, of the situations we deal with, there were also drugs, alcohol, and numerous potential sexual partners who might be the birth father. The birth father’s brief appearance was all that was needed to handle the situation’s basic realities. We’ve worked on a number of cases where the birth mother is either ignorant or purposefully hiding information. We perform birth father searches with the intention of locating verified evidence, albeit we don’t mean to insult anyone. A paternity or DNA test is the most certain form of proof. I used to be annoyed by the fact that I didn’t know who my father was or that he wasn’t around when I was a kid. Before I was born, my mother and father had divorced. The fact that my mother could only provide me with scant knowledge about who my father was when I was a child made it more difficult. In reality, the only information I had on him was his last name, along with the fact that he was tall, African-American, and a veteran.

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