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In just three months, grow your hair and edges

Your hair must endure a lot. You put a lot of stress on your hair, including chemical treatments and high heat. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when it begins to deteriorate. Hair becomes more brittle when it is frizzy, has split ends, is dull, dry, or dull. In the same way that dry skin can range in severity from mild to severe, dry hair can also be caused by a variety of different factors. The first step in combating dry, brittle hair is figuring out what causes it. Like you, your hair is distinctive. The volume, texture, and styling options of your hair will depend on its type. Some hair types just do not respond as well to heat and styling products as others do. Typically, hair that absorbs moisture rather than resisting it is overly dry. Brittle hair can also be scratchy to the touch and is prone to breaking when pulled or stretched. It may be a sign of dry, brittle hair if your hair easily loses its style or color.
If your hair is beginning to exhibit damage, don’t ignore it. If you notice that there are more hairs than usual in your brush or that your pillow is covered in hair when you wake up, it may be thinning rather than breaking.

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