In Gurage, I went to a wedding.

According to historian Paul B. Henze, the genesis of the Gurage is explained by traditions of a military expedition to the south during the latter years of the Kingdom of Aksum, which left military colonies that ultimately became cut off from both northern Ethiopia and from one another. Other historians, however, have noted how challenging it is to comprehend the Gurage peoples as a single group. Ulrich Braukhamper, for instance, claims that the Harla people of prehistory may have continued as the Gurage East people. [Needs citation] The Gurage East tribe commonly asserts historical ties with the Harari (Hararghe) peoples, and there is evidence that the architecture of pre-16th century buildings in and around Harar (in eastern Ethiopia) may have been inspired by Harla design. Braukhamper also claims that Eritrean troops were sent by King Amda Seyon to the steep regions of Gurage (after called Gerege), where they erected a permanent garrison. Along with Amda Seyon’s military camp, the ongoing Abyssinian presence in Gurage is mentioned under the reigns of Zara Yaqob and Dawit II. Therefore, historically, it’s probable that the Gurage people are an intricate amalgamation of groups from Harla and Abyssinia that moved and settled there for various reasons and at different eras. One more asserted that the Gurage originated in Eritrea’s Gura region. However, it is believed that linguistically by referring to a southerly Semitic shift throughout the late antique and medieval period. More historical research is required. The Gurage and other southern Afroasiatic languages first developed as a result of military raids into the southern region following the fall of the Kingdom of Axum. With just one military excursion explanation, troops could certainly successfully spread their language over the region. But scholars are investigating the extent to which the Aksumite dynasty ruled the Christian north, as well as the politics and economy of the inner Ethiopian Highlands.

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