“I’m the only one who enjoys dancing.” Mariam Mekdes

The simple answers are readily available. To stay physically fit, we dance. In order to think clearly, we dance. We dance for health advantages, such as emotional stability and other advantages. All of these benefits could be achieved, but I have to say that there isn’t a better way to get your heart pumping and your spirits lifting than a terrific cha cha. To have a sound mind and body, we don’t necessarily need to dance, though. Therefore, there must be other reasons for what we’re doing. More than just ethereal, dancing must have a wonderful quality that is almost imperceptible. Even though we are unable to articulate it, we all know it so well that we don’t hesitate to sway to a Gershwin tune or pulse to a samba beat. Perhaps dance is the best method of expression when words fail us. A waltz, a tango, or a jive could be the only dance that can accurately capture the joy we experience when we discover a new love, the fortitude we have in the face of great sadness or tragedy, the passionate fire of our youth, and the tranquility of our gentler, more graceful years. We all want to be understood, and imagine how powerful and profound our words would be if we could accurately convey our feelings. Sadly, we never seem to be able to come up with the right things to say.

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