If you want to be intelligent and regarded

Respect is not something you just naturally possess. You must work for it. When you have a leadership position, it is essential that you are regarded favorably by your coworkers. Your work habits, knowledge, and negotiating abilities might be valued by them. Respect, however, goes far than that. If you can win their respect on a personal level, you will have won the game in its truest sense. Be polite to everyone you come into contact with throughout the day, including your family, coworkers, and the clerk at the grocery store. As you would like to be treated, respect one another. Look for ways you can act more kindly. Open the door for the person behind you in the coffee shop or let the individual with one item go in front of you at the grocery store. Always say thank you and please when speaking. Stop being impolite and refrain from interjecting, rolling your eyes, and criticizing other people. These actions not only fail to demonstrate respect for the other person with whom you are interacting, but they also discourage or obstruct further involvement or problem-solving and create a rift that may last a lifetime. Instead, foster a respectful listening environment. Even if you don’t share someone’s beliefs or viewpoints, you should still give them a chance to be heard. When speaking, especially if there is a serious issue at hand, consider how you would like to be handled.

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