Identical Ethiopian celebrities

Five well-known Ethiopian personalities with remarkably similar looks. Prior to 2010, there were only 5000 visitors per year to the Simiens; today, there are roughly 23,000. They primarily hail from European nations and contribute much-needed foreign currency. But we just found out that Ethiopians also come to visit because they want to learn more about their own country. Unfortunately, the peak travel season coincides with the European winter. They are mostly older people who want to see something interesting and get some winter sun. This puts stress on the park’s one road and, as a result, on the fauna. Additionally, the park lacks amenities like functional restrooms, so you can imagine the issue that is growing with the annual influx of 23,000 visitors. If there were amenities like adequate restrooms, I believe a tourist would be pleased to pay 1000 birr to enter Simien Park. However, I would emphasize the buses that travel through the park. The reason I believe a 3000 birr tax for buses is acceptable is because they emit pollution. Consequently, this would result in a yearly revenue of around 25,000,000 birr. Then, I would suggest that half of it be put back into the park and the other half be given to a national or local fund.

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