I want to love-raise my child.

A mother is the female parent of a kid. Mothers are women who live or act out the role of being in some way connected to their children, who may or may not be biological offspring. Women may be considered mothers depending on the situation if they gave birth, raised the child, provided the ovum for fertilization, or did some combination of the aforementioned. Such conditions aid in defining motherhood, or the condition of being a mother. A woman who has obtained parental rights to a child through adoption is known as the adoptive mother. Whether through sexual activity or egg donation, a biological mother is the female genetic contributor to the child’s genesis. A biological mother can be required to provide financial support or other legal duties to a child she did not raise. A woman is a putative mother if her biological relationship to a kid is suggested but not established. Despite being married to the kid’s father and living in the same household as the child, a stepmother is a woman who lacks the parental rights and responsibilities. Mother’s love is an emotion that is as deep as the ocean and cannot be adequately expressed in words.

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