I trimmed his hair

When my partner is playing, I attempt to engage in my introverted way. And that’s great news since research demonstrates that playful interactions between lovers are more gratifying and intimate. Unfortunately, humans tend to lose their sense of play as we get older. Play, which is by definition an idle activity, demands some flexibility and room. Our relationship may suffer from the effects of our schedules and the stresses of life, losing some of its humor. One day Fred might stop bopping to the beat so much. The impact of such loss is greater than we might realize. Researchers are examining the numerous psychological aspects that romantic partnerships play and finding that they provide us more than just the odd chuckle. Play can provide us a sense of security, a way to communicate, and even help us resolve conflicts. If we’re serious about forging a close and enduring connection, we might just need to create our own ways of negotiating life’s dance steps. Although play doesn’t seem to be crucial for our survival (at least on the surface), evolutionary scientists wonder whether it is. You may not have ever asked yourself that question. Playfulness, in the opinion of some experts, may serve as a cue to potential partners. Women who are active during play may be showcasing their youth, which acts as a proxy for their reproductive potential, while males who play nicely with others may be displaying their lack of aggression—a desirable attribute when violent men constitute a threat to their wives and children. In any event, this is how some academics interpret the finding that individuals seem to look for humor, playfulness, and a positive attitude in potential relationships.

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