I surprised my mom on her birthday

Artist Tsinat Terefe: I gave my mother a birthday surprise. Thus, their purpose, justification, and, most importantly, the advantages to the British are all evident. Help is on the way, and campaigners, academics, and artists have actually been in charge for a while. Richard Pankhurst and Prof.

In an effort to recover the valuable artifacts taken during the British invasion of Ethiopia in 1867–1868, Endrias Eshete and Ras Teges King founded AFROMET more than ten years ago. They later succeeded in obtaining the restoration of a stolen Tabot from the Scottish Episcopal Church of St. John in Edinburgh, and their actions have served as an inspiration for others, including Ethiopian youngster Gabriel Berhanu Kassayie, who resides in the UK. In an effort to persuade the British Government to return the priceless artifacts, Gabriel started a campaign with his classmates and delivered a petition to the PM at Downing Street.

A group of young people in the Kazanches neighborhood of Addis Abeba recently benefited from an outstanding presentation on Maqdala.

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