“I still appreciate him,” Li Dj and Genet

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t ever need to wonder how someone feels about us. But let’s face it—the world of romance, dating, and love is far from ideal, and the truth is that occasionally we hold back our true feelings out of apprehension of being rejected or injured. Simply put, it makes sense to be watchful of someone you care about. In actuality, relationship expert James Bauer’s psychological theory known as the Hero Instinct In particular, men have an inbuilt tendency to stand up for the ones who are most important to them. Therefore, it is obvious that they love you if they are quick to stand up for you or always on your side. They are expressing their devotion to you and dependability to you. Life can be very busy. Many of us value our time because of our obligations to job, friends, studies, hobbies, families, and other activities. If they make themselves as accessible to you as they can, no matter what else is going on, it shows that you are one of their top priorities. Instead of just squeezing you in between other activities, they are giving you high importance and placing you at the top of their agenda. Curiosity is one of the most effective ways we may show our interest in something, or in this case, someone. Our curiosity fuels our natural urge to learn more and dig deeper. It has been shown to make our relationships stronger since it encourages intimacy. If your admirer seems fascinated to learn more about you, they are really interested in you. They’ll likely ask you a lot of questions to find out more about your past, your interests, and your likes and dislikes.

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