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Children raised by single parents can be just as happy and mentally healthy as children raised by their biological parents. Children benefit from loving, compassionate, sensitive, responsive, and adaptive parenting, whether they have one parent or several. Make the most of everyday occurrences. Everywhere and whenever you like, you may spend quality time with your child. At dinner, you can have a conversation rather than watch TV. Word games can be played on the bus, songs can be sung along to, and jokes can be told before bed. demonstrate enthusiasm. Discuss your child’s hobbies, which may range from sports to music to literature to understanding how things work. Request a tutorial from your child on how to play their preferred board game or app. Focus on the positive. Give as many hugs to your child as you can while grinning and giggling. Express your joy at seeing your child as they return from daycare, kindergarten, or school. Schedule one-on-one time. If you have multiple children, make an effort to schedule regular alone time with each one. You and an older child could play a peaceful game or read a book together after the younger children are sleeping.

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