I once cleaned my teachers’ coat

Zebiba Girma and Lemlem, two Ethiopian performers, on the YeLeb Weg program, part one. I used to clean the coats of my professors. I think that most original ideas are the result of a series of circumstances. They may develop as a result of customer discontent with current goods or services, which prompts them to look for alternatives. And ours fits within these restrictions.
For instance, we recently moved, and the house we bought required a lot of work before we could settle in. The wash basin needed to be replaced, the paint needed to be redone, and an electrician was needed to fix the breaker switch that tripped when two appliances were plugged in simultaneously. The result was the creation of Min Litazez Addis. At the time, we searched for a business that could offer everything we needed all at once, but we were unable to find one. Yes, I believe so; a few businesses are making an effort to build the platform. But none of them resembles us. Apart from the fact that we all employ software technology as a marketing tool, we have nothing in common. According to the licensing office and other concerned governmental organizations, no one else provides the wide range of capacities, service locations, and formalities that we do. We had already made plans in advance. We conducted studies and observations to pinpoint the issues, and using this platform in general, we were able to offer excellent solutions for societies in particular and advance the nation.

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