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As we grow older and life goes faster, it feels like we have less time for our friends. You might not notice at first, but eventually your coffee dates are replaced by school meetings. Your once-carefree mornings are now rushed and stressful, and your best friend’s daily phone calls for catch-up are now more typically made every other week (or month!). When life gets busy, unfortunately, scheduling time for friends is one of the first things that gets neglected, and before you know it, the person you previously thought of as your best friend is hardly a memory. Despite how awful this is, it could have been prevented. Spending time with friends is one of the few pleasures in life that can be very inexpensive but provide substantial benefits. It has also been demonstrated to be among the best methods for stress management. Spending time with friends might help you forget about your troubles and become a better person overall. Plan time to hang out with your friends. This can be successfully accomplished by identifying shared goals you can work on together, making it easier to find time for friends while also allowing you to work toward two goals at once. A few options are exercising together, walking the dogs, trying something new, or setting up play dates for the kids. Additionally, look for chances to meet together on noteworthy occasions. These events don’t have to be significant social gatherings. Simple fixes include inviting friends over to watch the Super Bowl with you or entrusting your spouse with the responsibility of looking after the kids so you can go out for coffee.

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