I chose to get married despite my family’s opposition

I married him over my family’s objections, claiming it was my decision. The relationship with visual art in Africa started to slowly and steadily extrude in the post-colonial age, a few years ago. However, cost or financial frameworks have not yet been developed to ensure the advancement, security, and marketing of CCI from intellectual property protection to publishing and other crucial domains.

Over the past many years, a limited amount of attention has been focused on art education. For instance, on July 23, 1958, Emperor Haile Selassie inaugurated the first “By African For African” art gallery on the continent. The gallery’s namesake, Artist Alle Felege Selam, was present at the event and said, “We have partnered with this group because we remember it and rely on its splendid significance to revise and increase high-quality art in our country.” Ethiopian art and other works of art could easily contribute to the efforts to have Ethiopia recognized more widely as a state that is fully embracing the spirit and substance of contemporary civilization if they achieve the kind of high popularity that allows them to “hold their own” among famous works from other countries. In April 1966, eight years later, President Leopold Sedar Senghor of Senegal sponsored the Pan African-driven World Festival of Black Arts in Senegal, which promoted the global black lifestyle.

The 20th century’s civilization, according to the poet President Senghor, “cannot be frequent except by being a dynamic synthesis of all of the cultural values of all civilizations.” It might be enormous up to the point of negritude because it’s going to save humanity.

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