How To Improve Your Live Performance Each And Every Day

You might as well start with examining the career of the most successful band in history, The Beatles, if you’re looking for the key to musical success.

There is still much to be learned from their story, even in today’s internet-driven music industry, and in this post, I’m going to focus on their early “Hamburg days” in an effort to help you improve the quality of your live performances, even if you don’t like their music. Even if you don’t like their music, they wrote the textbook on how a band can overcome obstacles, succeed in the music biz, and sustain a career.

But let’s look at what’s wrong with your live performances right now, first, before I do that.

I can give you a few suggestions based on my own past musical mistakes that you might want to take into consideration. All of that seems pretty harsh, don’t you think? Of course, I’m not claiming that all of the aforementioned advice is applicable to you specifically, dear reader, but if you are reading an essay about how to enhance your live performances, then odds are that part of it is.

What can you infer from the Beatles’ time in Hamburg, then? Starting with some background information, the Beatles traveled to Hamburg in August 1960 for a series of performances in the infamous St. Pauli neighborhood of the city.

The band initially resided there in a lavatory and performed seven days a week in dingy nightclubs. And the band freely admits that their concerts at the beginning of this run had all the issues mentioned above.

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